Take Hold of Social Media to Protect Childhood

Our debate topic for this week was "social media is ruining childhood". Before the debate, when I first saw this statement, my first response was "of course". After reading my classmate Shelby's post, I understood more why my response was like that. I actually realized that I am one of those who see the enjoyable... Continue Reading →


Posting Students’ Lives

Our third topic in the EC&I 830 class was about posting students' moments during their academic career. There was a debate between people who agreed with that and those who disagreed. Both groups demonstrated convincing attitudes and brought strong arguments. The agree group generally depended on the idea that posting a child's life helps in forming... Continue Reading →

Areas that teaching should focus on

Do we need Shakespeare? That is one of many questions one is asked when talking about whether we should teach things that can be googled or not, whether teachers should focus on the knowledge existed in the school standard textbooks or focus on the critical skills and individual attitudes. by Giphy To begin with, I... Continue Reading →

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