Summary of Learning

It is done! When I decided to take this class, I intended to know how educators use technology for educational purposes. Many ideas showed up arguing that technology is a double-edged weapon. After all, I believe now it is educators’ responsibility to decide what, when and how to wisely use technology in the school system. I really appreciate my instructor’s debate method to keep us interactive with the content. I also thank my classmates for bringing up their experiences and visions to this class.

Learning Summary video link:

Part 1:

Part 2:



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  1. What a great video Rakan ! and very creative, I bet it was really hard work putting all those animations together. I really enjoyed the way you chose to present with and the message behind your words. Been a lot of fun studying alongside you especially in the debate, I got to know so many things which I never thought about and thanks for that! Enjoyed reading your blogs very much and is amazing to see how much we have learned in such a short time! Thank you for sharing your journey and being a part of my learning! Great work!

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